Joomla for Sports Websites

I’m writing about a case that happened to me some time ago, it’s an extreme case and not very common: a customer asked me if it was possible to retrieve the texts of the articles of a crashed site developed in Joomla! This customer was related to one of our sports related sites such as our own, CornerClub Moscow, so we had to try very hard to cater to his needs.

It is superfluous to repeat here that it is advisable to make regular backups of Joomla! Sites through the valuable and often underestimated component Akeeba. However, if you are in a situation of enormous despair, you can resort to an emergency procedure.

The situation I was contacted for was that you were faced with a site that was no longer accessible either from backend or front end due to technical problems.

Being in such a situation, despite everything seems lost, it is still possible to retrieve the texts, you only need to find the “primary” source of storage, i.e., the database.

In case even the database is irrecoverable or inaccessible then the situation would be irrecoverable. But if you still have access to the database, the procedure would be straightforward. However, there are two small contraindications to take into account:

The process must be repeated for each article, one by one. If there are hundreds or thousands of items to be recovered, the time to be spent could be very long.

We will have to clean up the article from the HTML code.

To retrieve the texts directly access the database in question, search the table “content.”

The table content, I write it for the less experienced, will have a configuration like “xxxxx_content” where instead of the 5 x shown in this example there will be a prefix with an alphanumeric code of 5 characters. In the case of my database that you can see in the screenshots, the table appears as “zkhxy_content.”

After clicking on the content table, you can access the subtables that contain the fundamental data of your articles, title, texts, aliases, id, etc. …