Can You Guess the Most Popular Sport in the World?

Before you sneak a peek at the end of this article, make a mental guess about which sport you expect to be the most popular sport in the world as of 2018. Let’s be even cheekier and see if you can guess the number of fans that sport has too. Find out more too here:

Sports are a huge deal in many countries. People spend hundreds of hours watching sport on television, not to mention billions of dollars traveling and attending live games all around the world.

The question you came here to get answered was ‘which sport is the most popular?’ Start the countdown!

#5 – Volleyball

In fifth place, we have volleyball. Volleyball was just shy of one billion fans, coming in with approximately 900 million fans as of this year. The sport, which has been around since 1895 when it was invented by William G. Morgan, is most popular with the ladies. Plenty of men love the sport too, of course.

William used elements from basketball, tennis, and baseball when he first invented volleyball. The game has evolved over the years but still holds the basic elements that William first gave to it.

#4 – Tennis

In fourth place we have tennis. Tennis managed to hit the 1 billion mark by the skin of its racket mesh. (Yes, I went there) Tennis started in France and spread through Europe like wildfire. By now the sport is globally recognized.

#3 – Field Hockey

Field Hockey scores miles ahead of tennis with double the number of fans. Most of these 2 billion fans come from the Eastern Hemisphere.

Field Hockey reached England in the early 1800s. Today, it is most popular in the countries of India, Pakistan, and Australia.

The sport is much like soccer except that the players use a stick as opposed to a ball. Unlike ice hockey, field hockey is played on flat, sanded land. (Hence the name) I can tell you from experience that scraping your knee on that sanded ground hurts just as much as chiseled ice!

#2 – Cricket

Cricket reaches close to half the population of the globe with 2.5 billion fans and counting. Cricket is the type of sport that goes one of two ways; you either find it incredibly dull or you love it.

The majority of fans come from Europe where cricket is held high in comparison to most sports. On top of Europe, most of the former English-held colony nations enjoy cricket quite a bit too.

#1 – Soccer

The moment has arrived! Soccer has the most fans, reaching a whopping 4 billion! No sport even comes near the might of soccer. The only confusion you will find between one country and another is how soccer is named. (Many call it football)

So, there you have the top five most popular sports in the world with soccer being the most popular of all! Leave a comment below and let us know what your guess was. What sport did you think was the most popular and how many fans had you expected that sport to have? Bravo to anyone who guessed right!